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20 April 2010 @ 07:26 pm
Title: Lost and Found
Author: shutterbug_12
Characters: Danny/Jordan
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Only borrowing. Make love, not lawsuits.
Summary: Jordan loses. Danny finds. Sort of.
Author's Note: Post-series. 100 words. For tokyo_girlie, who asked for "L is for Lost" in the alphabet meme. Feedback and concrit is love.

( Jordan upended her purse; make-up and pacifiers skittered across the table. )
21 March 2010 @ 01:57 am
Hey, everyone, just disturbing the dust to pimp out a new comm, called sorkinverse .  It's a team challenge comm, where you join a team (in this case, for either Studio 60, West Wing, or Sports Night), and participate in the challenges, and earn points for your team!

It sounds like a lot of fun, so check it out!
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21 September 2008 @ 10:36 pm
[5] Studio 60 Icons
[3] Studio 60 Banners
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28 July 2007 @ 06:47 pm
Come and join in the Sorkinfest at 24hrs_of_sorkin  . We're blogging for 24 hours to raise money for Tipitina's Foundation. There will be lots of nice pics of Josh & Donna thoughout the day in some of caz963  's fantastic picspams.
Less than 3 days to go now until I'm going to be blogging for 24 hours to raise money for Tipitina's foundation. Come along and join in the fun at 24hrs_of_sorkin  .  Don't worry, it's not just my insane ramblings.  caz963   and teresadivicenzo   will be adding some of their own mix of demented fangirling and considered literary deliberation.  We kick off at 2pm BST (6 am PT) this Saturday and will be going for 24 whole hours!

If you would like to sponsor me, click on the banner below. You'll need to register at the blogathon site, then reclick on the link to go to my pledge page.

Pledges currently at $90.  Come on, folks.  This is for a good cause.  Tipitina's have donated a whole bunch of amazing prizes. 

More details here.
18 July 2007 @ 05:48 pm
Over the weekend of 28/29 July, I will be joining the 24 hour Blogathon to raise money for Tipitina's Foundation. This means that I will be making an entry every 30 minutes (with help from caz963  and teresadivicenzo  ) on the subject of all things Sorkin, including his films,TV shows and plays.

If you would like to sponsor me to spend 24 hours blogging every 30 minutes on the subject of the Works of Sorkin, you'll need to login in at the Blogathon site then you can click on coloneljack 's amazing artwork below, which will take you directly to my pledge page.


You don't need to part with any money at this point. You can make your pledge now and then after the blogathon is completed, you will receive an official email from the lovely Blogathon organisers telling you how to make your payment direct to Tipitina's.

Even if you can't afford to sponsor me, come along to 24hrs_of_sorkin  on 28/29 July and join in the fun. There will be polls, discussions, picspam, videos and competitions that will hopefully keep you entertained throughout the day and night. Those lovely people at Tipitina's have donated some spiffy gifts that I will be using as prizes on the day, but I'll let you know more about that nearer the time.

I've had 3 pledges so far, so I can say with confidence that I will make at least $75 to help rebuild the musical heritage of New Orleans. I know you guys have already been incredibly generous towards this cause, but any tiny amount you can spare will make a big difference.  Please feel free to pimp this on other Sorkin related sites and boards.
30 June 2007 @ 09:55 pm
I've had a thought running through my head for a couple of days. Forgive me if it's not quite coherent - I've been watching the end of DW and S60 (again), so my brain is doing odd things.

I've been to Leftpondia several times. I used to work for a Leftpondian company, so I know a lot of USians. I've been to small towns and big cities over there and I know that there are some fairly divided opinions amongst the citizens.

I'm British and I know that people here have some divided opinions, but I don't think that we are nearly so polarised as the USians. There is a much, *much* lower proportion of people here who claim to have any religious affiliation or go to church on a regular basis.

I've watched over the last 9 months as people have watched S60 and completely failed to get it. Not just not got it, but *really* missed the point big time. The critics and the bloggers and the angry pyjama people have gone out of their way to complain that Aaron's writing isn't funny (so why was I in stitches for most of the show?) and that he's picking on the religious right, or the Republicans or pretty much anyone who isn't a lefty Hollywood liberal elitist. Well, maybe he was having a bit of a dig at people, but he did give some of the other side's views as well.

Tom may not have been in favour of the war, but he was supportive of his brother's desire to do his best in the job he was doing. Even the Air Force captain got to have his say about people not thinking the troops were doing their jobs.

We've seen before in TWW that Sorkin is not anti-religion and has characters who have a strong faith in his shows. He just doesn't like bigots.

To me, as a Brit, I just take all these arguments as being part of the way Americans are. I'm not caught up in the middle of it particularly and I think this is one of the reasons I can enjoy the show so much, because it's not really taking shots at my life.

I guess my question really boils down to this: if there hadn't been a Harriet character (and Jordan wasn't such a prat to start off), would the show have found more viewers, or did people just really not get that it was a drama about a comedy show and the sketches were only there as background, while the real comedy was in the interaction between the characters?
29 June 2007 @ 09:58 pm
Yeah, I know this is technically the Danny & Jordan place, but I want a sensible discussion here.

This morning as I was driving to work, I caught the tail end of the Radio 2 Pause for Thought slot. This morning's speaker was a Bhuddist chap. He said that the Bhudda taught that God treats everyone the same, believers and non-believers alike, not favouring anyone in particular. Then he & Sir Terence had a discussion about this. Terry said that some golfer who just won the Masters said "My God was with me today", to which his thought was "OK, so was God ignoring everyone else so you could win a game of golf".

This has always been my problem with Matt & Harriet (and a lot of real world people). He's an atheist Jew and she's an evangelical Christian (I'm leaving their political leanings out of this). Danny and everyone else can see that they are right for each other in so many ways and it's clear that they are each deeply attracted to and in love with the other. But neither of them is able to get past the other's religious views or non-views.

Harry *has* to keep pushing Matt about this. OK, at first, when they were getting to know each other, I think it was important that she tell him what she believes. But after 8 years, they should have come to a place where they could compromise and each let the other hold their own views without constantly bringing things up.

I get the impression that this may be the way they finally ended up, although it wasn't said explicitly. But *why* did it take them 8 years to get there. Even if Matt thought they couldn't be together if he was her boss, they didn't have to *constantly* bicker about it.

Anyway, that's just my take and I'm happy that they are together now, even though I could have done without some of the last 9 months of having my nose rubbed in it.
27 June 2007 @ 07:25 pm
I know a lot of you watch episodes of TWW/S60/SN on your iPods or other portable video players. Could I make a strange request and ask if you could take pics either of you watching it or the show playing on screen. I had a really bizarre idea for a music vid this afternoon (prompted by Steve Wright playing one of my all time favourite tracks). I really need the picture on the screen to be visible. Sports Night pics would be especially useful.

You can either email them to me at the address in my profile, or let me know where they are and I can snag them off the net somewhere.

I'm hoping to get this done in time to include it in the blogathon next month.

25 June 2007 @ 12:05 am
[38] Studio 60
[07] Kristin Chenoweth
[02] 'Color' Bars


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