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Danny and Jordan

Right From The Start

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Welcome to mugsy_snoopdog, a Studio 60 community dedicated to the blossoming relationship between Danny Tripp and Jordan McDeere; a little place to post well-crafted fic, icons, and discussion about S60, with specific (but not exclusive) reference to Danny, Jordan and their relationship.

We strive to avoid the pitfalls of Beavis and Hackboy at all costs and to provide the more discerning fangirl with a haven from teenyboppers whose posts contain such eloquent character examinations as ‘ZOMG DID U C HOW HAWT DANNYS ASS LOOKED IN THOSE PANTS!’ (coloneljack: 'Even if it is true!')

Our mission, in other words, is to create our own little corner of fandom.

In order to adhere to these ideals membership approval is moderated and once accepted we expect our members to stick to the rules, which are as follows:

1) We want to encourage intelligent and constructive episode/character discussion. As indicated above posts containing nothing more than a random comment about how sexy Danny looks in his glasses are not permissible. - (coloneljack:'Even if it is...' fried_flamingo & salr323: 'Yeah, we get the idea, Linz!':P )

2) All discussion posts, fanfic, icons etc should relate mainly to Danny, Jordan or Danny/Jordan, however we welcome an expansion of the discussion to include other aspects of the show impacted by their relationship.

3)There will be ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING in this community. None. Ever. We are all here to discuss our favourite characters, therefore sensible rational discussion is expected from all members.

4)A decent standard of spelling and grammar is expected from our members. Text speak is not permitted at all (‘did u c the blu shirt Jordan woz wearing b4? I h8 blu!’). Netspeak is permitted to a certain extent, as long as it doesn’t overwhelm the entire post. After all we’re all guilty of the occasional LOL, OMG and WTF?. On a related note there will be absolutely no smooshing of 'ship names in this community. That means no 'JorDanny'!!

5) RPF (Real Person Fic) is not permitted under any circumstances. We are fans of the actors, we admire their work and we respect their right to keep their personal lives separate from their professional ones. Our members are expected to do the same. This also applies to gossip and speculation regarding the personal lives of the cast and crew. We are not the National Enquirer.

6) LJ-cuts should be used where appropriate – lengthy discussions, large pictures, spoilers etc. Details regarding that weeks episode will be considered a spoiler until the following sunday or until the next episode airs. This includes icons and spoiler images

7) Please do not post asking for links to download episodes. The reasons for this should be self-evident.

8) When posting fanfiction, please include the following information above the LJ-cut – Title, author, rating, summary and spoiler warning if necessary.

9) Pimping other communities, contests, fic-a-thons etc is permitted as long as it is contained within a post that otherwise adheres to the community criteria and does not include a banner. In addition, please do not pimp mugsy_snoopdog in any other community without obtaining permission from the community mods. You are, however, welcome to pimp the comm in your personal journal.

10) We operate a three strikes and you’re out policy. If a member is in breach of the community rules, one of the mods will bring this to their attention. If this happens on three occasions membership will be revoked. The exception to this is rule #3 - You flame, you troll, you're out. Non-negotiable.

In addition to the above rules we also want to allow our members more freedom when it comes to sharing opinions about the episodes. With this in mind there will be a 'Tonight on Studio 60' post from your moderators every Sunday night in which you can post your comments about that night's episode, however you can also make individual posts giving your reviews and reactions.

We hope you enjoy your time in this community and we would love to hear your opinions. If you would like to leave feedback or make any suggestions you can reply to this post. Constructive input from our members is greatly appreciated.